The Weather in Rawai, Phuket

If you really want to experience Phuket at its best, then you should consider visiting it when the Phuket weather is at its finest. Thankfully, the weather in this tropical island is very cooperative, so you can be sure to enjoy everything Rawai and Phuket has to offer.

The average temperature doesn’t change significantly throughout the year because Thailand is very close to the equator. It’s pleasantly warm, which makes its beaches an inviting holiday and relaxation spot for vacationers from all over the world. At certain times of the year, it can get quite rainy, but the rain is often limited to short showers accompanied by high temperatures. The cooler weather comes in from May through to October.

The hot summer season starts in November and the temperatures average around 29C, with a possibility of making it to 34C on a really hot day. In September, the temperatures average somewhere around 27C, with a possibility of 22C on a really cold day. Rain varies and depends on the monsoon seasons, with an average rainfall of 30 mm in February, up to 400 mm during September.

The best time to visit Rawai depends on the tourist’s preference. Should they really wish to experience a hot, blazing summer season full of parties, beach-goers and events, then the summer season from December through March offers the best chance for that. Also, you can experience the Songkran Festival, which is the Thai New Year when you visit Phuket in April. Should vacationers want a milder, more relaxed atmosphere, then the best time is during the monsoon season anywhere from May to October.

Phuket weather during the green season is average- the climate isn’t as humid as the summer months, while occasional breezes keep things comfortable and well. In this type of weather, it’s definitely possible to visit the sights you want to see, or the beaches you want to swim in. Tourists can travel around in relative comfort and take part in the festivities Phuket has to offer.