Top 4 couples activities in Phuket

Blessed with small lively towns and beautiful beaches, Phuket is ideal for the perfect getaway for couples with lots of activities. There are numerous different things to explore in this island that appeal to every visitor and many possible ways of spending some private time while still enjoying the beautiful tropical climate. Let’s explore some romantic destinations and activities couples can enjoy in different parts of Phuket.

1. Party your nights away in Patong beach

Patong beach is ever popular mainly because of its nightlife. It has numerous bars that are aimed for couples aiming to rock joints and have a great time. There are several jazz clubs along most main roads. Couples can also go shopping in both air conditioned malls and roadside stalls where they can find high quality merchandise and great souvenirs.

2. View cultural landmarks

Phuket is an administrative town and easily the best place to go for a modern romantic getaway where couples can view cultural landmarks such as the fascinating Wat Mongkol Nimit temple or the beautiful Phuket Cultural Museum.

3. Romantic safari cruises

This is an ideal activity for couples who love adventure and would like to experience something unique and exciting. Couples can book safari cruises where they get to travel on top of elephants and spend hours exploring the breathtaking travel jungles.

4. Go exploring underwater

Phuket ranks among the best destinations in the world for scuba diving and snorkeling. With a beautiful coral reef, thousands of fascinating fish species to discover and crystal-clear waters, exploring this unique underwater world is the ideal activity for both young and old couples.

Whether you are thinking of taking a vacation or looking for a romantic honeymoon destination, Phuket offers couples the ideal romantic getaway. Although many tourists flock to Phuket especially during summer, the island still remains clean and there are still many quiet and secluded beaches where couples can spend quality time together without any disturbances.