Shopping in Phuket

Rawai Phuket has always been an unrivaled tourist destination, a beach with lots of charm for everyone right from sightseeing to the long-tail boat sailing and sunbathing. Perhaps, if it’s your first time to visit Rawai Phuket, I guarantee you won’t come back with an empty cart. There are various boutique shops, supermarkets and five-star restaurants where you can sneak in and have a bite of your favorite dish. In case you plan to visit Phuket on your next vacation, then here are some of the shopping destinations you can consider.

 Villa Market Home Pro Market

It is situated on the right side of Chalong Circle. If you are coming from the airport from the southern part, stop and shop at friendly-size Villa Market at Home Pro Market. It is not just a typical store but an ideal shopping spot especially if you are mindful of your health. The products here are majorly organic. There is an extensive selection of quality wine and other alcoholic drinks. CD’s, baby diapers, pet food, kitchenware, nuts, raisins, baking ingredients, imported snacks, fresh and organic food and much more are all available here.

Big C Supercenter

This is a French-owned shopping mall stocked with a vast range of products at hard-to-beat prices. It also harbors many computer and mobile phone shops. Additionally, there is an elephantine food hall offering finger-licking dishes. In case you are going out with your family, there is a large children playing area for them.

Phuket Makro

Makro is another renowned shopping hub where you can find various electronic products at discounted prices. Moreover, there are various soft drinks that you can buy for your family. Be wise and do bulk shopping at Makro next time you travel.

Big One Supermarket

It is located near the basement of Ocean Plaza along Thaweewong Road. Here, you can grab various tidbits and drinks of your choice. You will also get other essential products such as body lotion and suntan to pack into your travel case. Products are competitively priced. On a tight budget? Don’t hesitate, go ahead and disturb the supermarket tour operators for entry. They stock a myriad of goods, and you will get your everyday needs at the Big One Supermarket.

Phuket Grocery

Phuket shopping is never complete if you don’t visit Phuket Grocery. It is located at Phuket Town along Ong Sim Phai Road. If you are at Tops Market, it is just a five-minute walk away. The product prices are very competitive, and there is sufficient parking space.

Rawai Phuket is rich with many departmental stores stocked with many local and foreign goods worth buying. Plan and make your travel a memorable one. The above are some Phuket shopping spots you won’t afford missing next time you travel.