Rawai Transportation

Rawai is famous for being the first beach on Phuket that opened up to tourists many years ago. People would usually travel 17 km from the main town to this destination to spend some quality time near the beach, which is pristine and grand as it gets.

Now, this beach serves as the hub for boat excursion that goes to Koh Lone, Coral Island, and Racha Island.

Transport options

Getting around the area is easy as there are various transportation facilities available like public buses, taxis, Tuk Tuk, and car rentals. If you want to travel by any of these means, take a look at the benefits and when you should ideally avail them.

Tuk Tuk:

You’d want to avail this ride if you have a small distance to cover, which is typically not longer than 30 minutes. Even though Tuk Tuks used to be cheap few years ago, great tourist attraction to this ride has driven up the prices where even short distances may cost you 100 Baht. However, if you have good bargaining skills, getting around the town in this vehicle can be both exciting and comfortable.

Local buses:

You can catch a local bus for the authentic Phuket experience in the time between 7 AM to 6 PM. These buses are easily recognizable from the blue color and offer great flexibility because of lack of designated stops, which means you can halt the bus anywhere along the route. Different companies operate in different routes and the buses also vary in their seating arrangement and style.


Like other destinations, you can also catch a cab to ride around the city. Charges vary upon the destination and whether you’re sharing or taking a private taxi. Metered taxis are also available outside of the airport terminal, and other key places of tourist interest.

Other methods of transportation

Apart from the main three, you can also avail airport buses, take motorbikes on rent, and travel from Phuket to longer destinations without spending a fortune.