Phuket Culture

Three amazing facts about the Phuket culture.

If you have been to the Phuket, you will agree that it deserves to be on top of the list among the spots with the most beautiful and fascinating sceneries in Thailand. The province boasts of fantastic beaches, vast evergreen woodlands, tasty food, and one of the most colorful and exciting cultures in the world. Here are five amazing facts you should know about the Phuket culture.

The center for the best arts in Thailand.

In Thailand, women play a vital role in art and business. The diverse Phuket culture brings in the best pieces of art from highly talented artists. If you are looking to learn more about their culture, the art galleries are the best places to begin.

The home to the best Yoga trainers.

If you are a lover of Yoga, the Phuket culture offers you an opportunity to meet the best Yoga instructors and retreat centers. This is the best destination for people looking for a memorable relaxation experience through the most experienced Yoga Trainers.

The center for the most extreme cultural festivals in the world.

In the Phuket culture, there is a vegetarian festival when locals are applauded for self-mortifications. In this festival, men and women pierce their bodies with crude tools and walk on red hot coals without wincing. The participants believe that they are protected by the gods, and therefore there is nothing wrong that can happen to them.

The event takes place in the six Thai temples in the region and is always commenced by raising a lantern pole to notify the gods that the festival is about to begin. During the festival, only vegetarian dishes are served with soybean and protein substitutes being used to replace meat.

This festival comes in the first days of the Chinese Lunar Month, and the locals are required to wear white garments and observe other commitments for nine days.