Fun Family Activities in Rawai Phuket

When you visit Phuket, there are a lot family fun activities that you and your family can involve yourselves in. Having fun is what makes a holiday an enjoyable expedition. Whether it rains or shines, you can have family fun in Phuket in the following ways.

1. Learning to cable ski

Cable ski is a thrilling sport that was recently introduced at Phuket Wake Park in Kathu. This is an exciting and safe sport for both adults and kids. It is also easier to learn.

2. Visit the Upside Down House

As the name puts it, the upside down house (officially known as Baan Teelanka) is an incredible sight to view. It stands inverted on the bypass road between the Outlet Village and Siam Niramit. This house will literally challenge your senses and leave you marveling at the skill it architects wield. It also offers great photo opportunities.

3. Play mini golf

Mini golf allows for a couple of hours of distraction, and it is great fun for kids and adults. Currently, two courses are offered in Phuket at Dino Park. Dino Park is located between Jurassic Park and the Flintstones. It has a real prehistoric jungle with an active volcano and haunted with full sized dinosaurs.

4. Visit the Splash Jungle Water Park

This is a medium size water park that was recently set up in Mai Khao Beach close to the Phuket Airport. The high water slides, the spinning funnel, and wave pool are some of the major attractions that will make you dizzy. This is one place your kids should not miss. After all, kids have a higher affinity for water; particularly when it’s not bathing time!

5. Attend a Thai Cooking class

Once you’ve had enough of sightseeing and playing along the beach, you can join Thai cooking classes and learn some tricks on how to prepare Thai food. These lessons are normally offered by many Phuket hotels to their guests. The lessons learned can be used to impress friends and relatives back at home. You can opt to join half day classes or those that last an entire week.