Food in Rawai Phuket

Are you planning to go to Phuket? Looking for a place to stay? Want to know about the best food in Phuket? Then look no further as will find you a suitable and affordable place to stay while you enjoy the cuisines of Phuket.

Phuket is famous for its beaches and resorts but the taste of its food is not far off either. We will guide you through a list of cuisines that you ‘must’ try when you are enjoying your holidays at Phuket. Mee Hokkien is one of the most famous dishes in Phuket and it is tailor made for noodle lovers. Made with noodles, pork, eggs, pork, squids and bean sprout, it really does taste good and with chilies and lime on top of it, the taste will never let you have enough of it.

Phuket is famous for its spicy food and Tom Yan Goong is one of the spiciest, made with prawns and hot and sour soup plus served with rice or noodles, it really is a treat for food lovers. The hot and sour soup is the spiciest ingredient of Tom Yan as it is made with red chili, mushroom, cococut milk and other spices.

Are you a curry lover? If yes, then Massaman Curry is for you. Mainly made with either pork, fish or meat and served with rice or noodles with the supporting ingredients of coconut milk, peanuts, tomatoes and lime juice with sprinkles of lime leafs, will leave you licking your fingers.

The next cuisine is definitely the one with most varieties, Dim Sum, Chinese by origin, it is served at several places in Phuket. Made in either pork, shrimps, prawns or green beans, it has a unique distinct taste because of its layer covering.

Last but not the least, here is something for the chicken lovers, known as Khao Man Gai, it is made with boiled white chicken with steamed rice, chicken broth with different ginger, garlic, chili and soya sauces mixed with it.

So here is it, top five Phuket dishes that will satisfy your taste buds while you relax in Phuket.