Beaches near Rawai Phuket

Sun loungers line the entire length of the beaches, sometimes in rows three or four strong. Jet skis, banana boats and parasail boats make heavy splashes in the water while vendors sweat it out with their wares up and down the beach. They say Phuket’s time is over as an island getaway destination and is only favored by the party crowd. But there are still lots of unexplored beaches off the beaten track to enthrall the most intrepid visitors who show commitment to go out and find them. The Phuket undiscovered beaches are explored in this article.

Laemka Beach

This little beach is located at the southern end of Phuket between Rawai and Friendship Beach. It is not signposted and a little strenuous to sight but a beautiful spot. The Evason Resort and a small bungalow resort are situated close to it but still the beach remains calm. It is among the few southern beaches where you can have a swim and there are lovely views out to the southern islands.

Banana Beach

This gorgeous beach, among the Phuket undiscovered beaches is in the northern half of Phuket between Bang Tao Beach and Nai Thon Beach. It is a pretty two-hundred-meter strip of sand, featured with rocks in the middle and encircled with trees. It is good for swimming and there is some exciting snorkeling.

Pansea Beach

Exactly at the northern end of Bang Tao Beach is beautiful and calm Pansea Beach, which is one of the Phuket undiscovered beaches. Even though there are two up-market resorts here, the location preserves its refreshing tranquility. Just offshore is Kala Island (or Kata Island depending who you believe) which safeguards the shallow bay from waves so it is always pleasant.

Pon Beach

This little-isolated beach is in the headland north of Patong. The locals call it Nai Yair Beach. It is unbelievable how few people find this beach taking into account it is situated so close to the hordes at Patong. You will not find anything special here apart from a couple of rural shacks and a few grazing cows. Although It is a sandy beach it is not good for swimming because of the rocky seabed. However, some good snorkeling is on offer.

Paradise Beach.

They are not as unexplored as the other beaches you find on this list but still unfamiliar enough for the heaving masses at Patong. The first is Paradise Beach. Exactly at the tip of the headland, you can access it by road (track) or boat.

Freedom Beach

You can only access this superb Phuket undiscovered beach by boat. It is located on the headland south of Patong all the way around and back towards the Karon Beach side. Still, the boat ride will be fruitful with fantastic bathing and snorkeling. There are a couple of restaurants and lots of sun loungers under the trees. The locals give dedicated care to the beach, and it is always pristine. Numerous people do make this a day trip from Patong but the beach is never busy and again it is hard to perceive how many people in Patong are unaware this beach is here.

Nui Beach

This beach is best known for how tough it is to reach by land. Situated between Kata and Nai Harn, the only way to access it by land is down a two-kilometer dirt track that is almost impossible to get through in a car. You can just about overcome it on a motorbike but it is better to walk or get in touch with one of the locals to take you down on their ATV for a small fee.

Ao Sane Beach

You require to go through Le Meridian Phuket Yacht Club’s car park to set foot on it but they do not disrupt your path. You can find a restaurant there and some budget bungalows by the beach. There are usually a few people around but it is never crowded.

Ao Yon Beach

Placed deep into Cape Panwa is Ao Yon Beach which is also among the Phuket undiscovered beaches. It houses the Phuket Yacht Club and there are always lots of boats moored in the bay. It is an attractive stretch of sand and a good bathing beach. It is tranquil and a real getaway.